Progressive States Network

The Progressive States Network needed assistance during a staff transition in order to keep its program on community broadband for state legislators vital.

  • Cheryl stepped in and seamlessly provided materials and a briefing for the annual legislative policy retreat in a few weeks’ time.
  • Cheryl took over the @BroadbandPSN twitter feed, providing a constant flow of interesting and relevant articles and doubling the number of followers.
  • Cheryl wrote regular blogs tracking activity around the states, and developed an email list to push out the blogs to interested state legislators who might not otherwise see them.
  • Cheryl drafted model legislation geared to appeal to state legislators of color and promote a progressive broadband agenda.
  • Cheryl provided detailed strategic analysis enabling the leaders of Progressive States Network to more deeply understand the landscape at play in state capitols around telecommunications issues.
  • Cheryl not only helped the organization meet its funder’s benchmarks, but also identified emerging policy opportunities worthy of forward-looking philanthropic support.