Next Steps in Promoting the Values of the IP Transition

IP transition imageCheryl spoke in March in a Capitol Hill Briefing on the Values of the IP Transition sponsored by Public Knowledge discussing the values which are important to maintain through the IP transition. She emphasized the importance of technology enabling everyone in our society to be able to achieve based on their own intelligence, willingness to work hard and succeed, highlighting ways in which people’s race, ethnicity or income currently impact their use of technology.  She noted a number of ways her client, the United Church of Christ’s media justice ministry, has advocated for policies to ensure the IP transition does not harm the least vulnerable in our nation.

Cheryl brought not only a thoughtful understanding of the intersection of technology and social justice values, but also her economic knowledge to how telecommunications competition must be tied with universal service in order to ensure all people in the U.S. receive service.  Check out the video below. Cheryl’s remarks appear at 11:20, 26:47, 46:12, 55:59 and 1:02:31.