Come visit OC Inc at General Synod 2013!

Attending the 2013 General Synod Conference in Long Beach, CA this year?

Come meet with OC Inc. at the United Church of Christ’s General Synod gathering at the Long Beach Convention Center this summer.


Leaders of the UCC’s media justice ministry are conducting a workshop, “The UCC and Media Justice: The Next 100 Years” at 2 p.m. Saturday June 29 in Room 201B of the convention center. We will be providing the latest information on key battles that are under way in the areas of media reform, media justice and media diversity, and how these issues impact so many other social justice concerns. We’ll be providing information on how you can support us, no matter where you live, and we also want to hear from you about the media issues that you care most about.  The workshop will also give us another wonderful opportunity to celebrate the legacy of our founder, Rev. Dr. Everett Parker, as he celebrates his 100th birthday this year.

Among the topics the workshop will cover are: 

  • economic justice means access to new technologies and basic phone service for everyone and how these are threatened;
  • how you can support the campaign to eliminate the predatory phone rates that are charged to prisoners and their families;
  • fight hate speech against the LGBT and immigrant communities;
  • how to create a media outlet for excluded voices through the one-time chance to apply for a community radio station in October 2013;
  • media violence fast in September 2013 during the week of prayers for peace.

If you will be able to join us, we’d love to know in advance. If you won’t be able to attend the workshop, but would like to connect with us at General Synod, please let us know.   And if you are a member of the UCC and won’t be at General Synod, we’ll be glad to send you a post-Synod update.   Let us know how we can best connect!

Statement From FCC Acting Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn to Staff

We have an important mission, and this is an important time. I assume the role of Acting Chair, with a great sense of responsibility, but also great humility. And as we await the confirmation of Tom Wheeler, I see myself as a member of a relay team, running one of the middle legs. My job is to build on forward momentum, give the next teammate a running start, an improved position, and no matter what, my goal is not to drop the baton.

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Cisco: Big Data Is The Network, Too

John Chambers says the profits from Cisco Systems’ new strategy are still one to three years away. The strategy, however, is already becoming more clear: Big Data will only work if it’s delivered through the network, and that could go hand-in-hand with consolidation among companies that specialize in data analysis and networking or traditional computing.

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Intel Fuels a Rebellion Around Your Data

Intel is a $53-billion-a-year company that enjoys a near monopoly on the computer chips that go into PCs. But when it comes to the data underlying big companies like Facebook and Google, it says it wants to “return power to the people.”

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Concerns Arise on U.S. Effort to Allow Internet ‘Wiretaps’

Surveillance can be a tricky affair in the Internet age.

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CBO Scores Electronic Communications Privacy Act Amendments Act

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act Amendments Act of 2013 (S. 607) would amend the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (Public Law 99-508) to make several changes to the current laws relating to the privacy of personal electronic communications.

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AT&T CEO: Data Caps Are About Charging Content Providers

The quest to determine why data caps really exist may be starting to wind down. Internet service providers (ISPs) have admitted, either explicitly or implicitly, that monthly data caps have nothing to do with network congestion. And, while some have started to portray data caps as legitimate forms of price discrimination, that argument did not hold up to close scrutiny either. So what's left?

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Introducing: Project Open Data

Technology evolves rapidly, and it can be challenging for policy and its implementation to evolve at the same pace. Last week, President Obama launched the Administration’s new Open Data Policy and Executive Order aimed at ensuring that data released by the government will be as accessible and useful as possible. To make sure this tech-focused policy can keep up with the speed of innovation, we created Project Open Data. Project Open Data is an online, public repository intended to foster collaboration and promote the continual improvement of the Open Data Policy.

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Damage to press freedom likely outweighs national security gain

When the Justice Department launched its investigation of alleged leaks of national security information by the Obama administration a year ago, we were skeptical. Our forebodings have been borne out with the revelation that federal prosecutors have undertaken a broad sweep of the Associated Press’s phone records.

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Angst over Internet surveillance detected on Hill

Federal law enforcers say they have their hands full with criminals who skirt legal surveillance by using hard-to-wiretap services like Google and Facebook. Now they’re about to inherit a new foe in the fight: Capitol Hill.

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