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Smart Cities & Big Data: Where’s the Ethical Framework?

Last week, half a world away, Secretary of State John Kerry and Commerce Secretary Pritzker were engaged in high-level dialogue with political leaders in India.  On the agenda: “smart cities.” All around the world, cities are often on the forefront of cutting edge policy debates.  While in the U.S., the “laboratories of democracy” are thought of…   Read More

Cheryl Save the Internet Rally

Rallying Crowd to Save the Internet

Cheryl spoke at a Save The Internet Rally on behalf of her client, the United Church of Christ, OC Inc., demonstrating her ability to rally a crowd.

Client Success Stories


Faith-Based Grassroots Education and Action

Cheryl's client, the United Church of Christ's media justice and communications rights ministry, OC Inc.,  started work in coalition with other groups to end predatory prison phone rates.  Cheryl was able to combine her policy skills with … [Read More...]


Progressive States Network

The Progressive States Network needed assistance during a staff transition in order to keep its program on community broadband for state legislators vital. Cheryl stepped in and seamlessly provided materials and a briefing for the annual … [Read More...]

Native Public Media

Native Public Media

Native Public Media wanted to obtain a regulatory change that would facilitate radio service to tribal lands.  NPM needed to build a record to assess the impact of various regulatory changes and eventually support a proposal to the Federal … [Read More...]